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We at Knutson's have been in the live bait business at the Wholesale level for over 45 years, we have seen many changes in the live bait business over the years, the internet being one of them.  This site is a retail site as we do not believe in having the consumer see the Wholesale prices or have the ability to buy their bait at Wholesale prices.  If you are a dealer and want our Wholesale price sheet please call 1-800-248-9318 if you are outside of Michigan and 1-800-292-0857 if you are in the State of Michigan or E-mail us your fax number and we will send you a tax form that must be filled out to prove that you are a dealer before we can send you the Wholesale price sheet.  After filling out the Tax Form and after getting a Wholesale Price List you will find we have a large variety of baits to choose from.  We can custom package any bait that we have to your specks and we also have the capacity to UPC all of the bait that we pack.  If you have any dealer questions please contact Jim or Tom at the above phone numbers.

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