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Live Crickets for fishing bait or feeding your pets.Acheta Domestica
Here is another bait that is also a great item for fishing and for feeding of your pets, such as lizards and birds.  It is easier for fishermen to find crickets at a pet store than it is to find them at your local bait shop.  Well we hope that we can help. You must order them by the thousand but they do keep and the easiest way to do this is by getting an 10 Gal. aquarium to put them in, then store the aquarium in a cool place around 60°- 70°.  We keep them year round and all keeping instructions will be sent with each order.  In late summer when the fish go deep crickets are the ticket.

Model: CRKTS-1000
1000 Crickets packed in a cardboard container1000 Crickets packed in a cardboard container
Store at 60-70° F.

Model # CRKTS-1000
1000 Crickets
Price: $39.99 Each

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